Dr. Tamas Lajtner
19 false axioms of physics:
Unchain thoughts!
19 False Axioms of Physics by  Dr. Tamas Lajtner
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"I design objects that can be run by the force of thought. They work. What is thought force? I sought and found answers. Every other result listed below came by itself."

In the picture above you can see the first ever Thought Force Sensor built in the first ever Thought Power Meter. Thought force and thought power are measurable. But where is your force of thought, if it leaves your heads? This question inspirated the answer you can find in the book entitled 
"19 rethought axioms open new ways of physics"
If you want to find the answer of the question "What is thought?", you have to take a giant intellectual journey  from the particle to the Universe.
19 false axioms of physics

1. The vibration of particle does not cause reaction in space
2. Two inertial frames of reference are not distinguishable
3. Time is a given entity, it is a dimension
4. Newton's First Law of Motion is true
5. Inertial frame of reference is always made of matter
6. Space is exclusively and always made of space
7. There is one space
8. Matter is matter and no space
9. The forms of elementary particle are known
10. Elementary particles have no structure
11. Gravity is created only by objects with mass (incl. E=mc2)
12. Superluminal phenomena destroy general causality
13. Light cone is continuous and uninterrupted
14. Dark energy acts as antigravity
15. There is no superluminal communication
16. An object is always created out of matter
17. In quantum mechanic matter is able to be at two different places at the same time
18. The Universe is infinite
19. There are several mysteries in quantum physics that human being cannot understand

Mind-blowing Results
First clear definitions of time, space and matter. Space has waves. Spatial distance given by space waves. Time given by space waves. No two identical frames of reference. Space as a special inertial frame of reference. Newton's First Law of Motion is to reconsidered. Why is the speed of light constant? Wave-particle duality is a triality. Superluminal velocity of tunneling explained. Space made of matter. More than one space. Relativity superluminal: traveling in different spaces. Problems of light cones. Gravity caused by mass, by photons and by space waves. Gravity is pressure of space waves. Gravity as antigravity caused by mass. Gravity inflates the Universe. Spooky action as gravity caused by photons. Schrödinger's cat paradox solved. Matter made of space. How big is our Universe? New definition of Universe. Higgs boson vs. space wave. New solution of Casimir effect. New solution of double-slit experiment. Connection between general relativity and the standard model of physics. The unknown and most fundamental interaction: Force I.
Space waves
We know from quantum mechanics that particles of matter are in constant vibration. In our academic physics this vibration has no impact on space. This action remains without reaction. This is an axiom of modern physics and it must be false.

It is a physical impossibility for matter to come into contact with space without vibrations having an effect. Based on the Casimir Effect  and other physical phenomena we can state that space exists in waves and vibrations. Space waves.
Matter changes the wavelengths of space waves
Mass creates space waves. The wavelengths of space wave depends on the velocity (or density) of mass. Faster mass, longer wavelength.
Gravity is made by space waves
The big mass (e.g. Sun)  makes the frequency of Space waves smaller on the left side of the small  mass (e.g. Mars). On the other side of the small mass, the frequency of Space waves is greater. The greater frequency moves the mass forward.
Or even more clearly, although the statement may sound less scientific "You'll get a slap that sends you flying!" If the small planet gets four slaps from the right and one from the left, it will move left.
Accelerating Universe caused by gravity
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The accelerating Universe can be explained with Space waves. The growing acceleration measured in the Universe comes from the growing wavelengths of Space waves between galaxy clusters, since gravity of moving mass makes Space waves longer.
Time is permanent creation
Time is created by the cooperation of space and matter.
There is no way putting space and mass together without action and reaction coming into being. Or in wider meaning there is no way putting space and matter together without time coming into being.
Would you like to know more about new ideas?
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"19 false axioms of physics"
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The e-book is free to read on Amazon
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