Lajtner Machine®
move real things with thoughts
thought energy is measurable
Pronunciation of the Lajtner Machine

The Lajtner Machine is a real object
that can be moved by thought.

Many people ask me: "Why should I move things with thoughts?"

You always move things with your thoughts, just you don't know what and how.
You constantly send and receive information via thought force -- unconsciously.
The Lajtner Machine teaches you how to use your thought force -- consciously.
Be a Master of Thought Force
communicate with thought force
play thought-run objects
  cure yourself and others with thought energy
run your phone, computer etc. with thought
be a winner of a thought power contest
People say testing the Lajtner Machine
Lajos V. (European Union)
"The Lajtner Machine is definitely a new item in the line of those great inventions. Certainly of a Nobel Prize category."

Audrey L. (USA)
"It is no magic, there are no illusions.
This is real.
What an experience!"

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