Thoughts that leave our heads have force.Thoughts are flying around you and in you. The force of thought is like any other forces. It creates an action-reaction phenomenon, when it meets something. Forces are neither good nor bad - according to physics. But not according to you. Some thoughts cure you, some thoughts harm you.
There are always thoughts in your head which haven't been made by your own brain. You have got these thoughts. These thoughts are your "strange thoughts" you get from somewhere. (See Dr. Tamas Lajtner's academic papers and videos on papers.)

"Strange thoughts" can cure people and can harm the living. We have known it for ages. Read the part of the Bible below.
The "strange thoughts" can us help or harm.
How to prevent the danger of causing harm?
They are simple forces. Every force can be stopped by another force. If you recognize these strange, manipulative thoughts, you can stop them.
Just think with power!
Yes, it's so simple.

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