A true story:

In March of 2008, some pygmy sperm whales were saved by a dolphin. It happened in New Zealand, Mahia Beach (on the North Island). Two whales were beached there, and no one could guide them back to open water.

The exhausted whales would have died if Moko the dolphin had not arrived. Moko was already a real star. Everyone knew him. He would play with beach-going children and adults alike. Anyway, along came Moko, he made a few circles in the water and then set off, and the whales followed him. Then, at a sudden bend, Moko turned into a narrow stream, and the whales followed him. After a couple of hundred yards, the whales reached the open sea, and since then, they’ve never returned. A couple of hours later, Moko was back, swimming along the shore.

Whale and dolphin. Two completely different animals. How could they communicate?

"Via a secret channel?"

The secret channel exists.
It is certain that the mind can perceive some sort of secret information. After all, without this secret information, you could not recognize your husband or your wife. For face recognition, eyesight is not enough. You also need the secret information.

There are two diseases that affect face recognition (namely, Prosopagnosia and Capgras Syndrome), and doctors who study them claim that there are at least two channels of information - that visual and the other. What is the other? We don’t know, but we use more different expressions to describe this
"secret channel" :
Thought Force, Thought Power, 6th sense, 2nd sight, 3rd eye, Eye of Horus, prana, mystery, human emission, extra-sensory perception, love and more
For 5 thousand to 6 thousand years, we’ve known about the Eye of Horus. Others call it second sight or a third eye.
Picture by Jeff Dahl - Wikipedia
We could even call
thoughts as sixth sense. Buddhism considers this sense thought itself. (Smiling Buddha, Laos)
For the past six thousand years or so, yoga has taught us that all power originates from prana.
For example, gravity is prana. Thought is prana. But where is this prana
“In my mind’s eye, Horatio,” wrote Shakespeare in Hamlet.
In physics if a given neutral particle breaks down, releases two other particles (photons), which move away from each other at the speed of light. In one year, they will be two light years apart. Now, if one of the photons takes on a physical characteristic - that is, if it develops a spin - then the other photon will immediately take on a spin, too.

Systems like this are called entanglement. Entanglement is a curious phenomenon in quantum mechanics. Two separate entangled systems have a ghostlike connection with a super speed.
(It is also called: spooky action.) Super speed is more than 10,000 times faster than the speed of light. This super speed has been measured in more experiences.

We may say: Super speed is a special communication between things via the "secret channel".
Of course, physicists explain all this another way, and it’s not a special communication. What is it?
Mystery. Quantum mystery.
Beauty is not just a category of  aesthetics. "Beauty" is  a physical phenomenon.
Beauty attracts like gravity does. Beauty is an attractive force.
The Collective Unconsciousness

This is a quantity of energy that we can sense subconsciously. The Lajtner Machine highlight
s the channel where this energy flows. On the other hand, the Lajtner Machine makes it believable, that brain is able to get information from this channel.
Extrasensory Perception

The working of Lajtner Machine can explain some instances of paranormal phenomena - for example, telepathy and some Extrasensory Perceptions. These are all influence of energy.
Why does Love attract?

If someone seems attractive, it is because this person actually attracts as a result of gravity and its attracting power. One who is repulsive, truly repels!
Your brain creates thoughts, and senses thoughts from outside of your head. Love is a gravity-like force. That is, why you fall in love, don't you?
Animals feel earthquakes coming. How?

Here you can see clearly, that brains are able to CREATE and SENSE forces in the given range. The signals of an earthquake coming are forces in the range of force that humans cannot sense but animals.

Just imagine a soprano and a tenor voice. Two different ranges (spectra) of voice.
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