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Please note, the spiritual connections of Lajtner Machine do not confine themselves to the Christianity or the Bible.
According to modern Western medical knowledge, the Healing through the Laying on of Hands is impossible. Not so. Energy radiates from the hands, the mind, and the body. This outpouring of energy can even be measured. One of the simplest (if not the only) tools for this purpose is the Lajtner Machine.
You can manage to bring real objects to the surface of water - by thought. All you need is practice. You will be overwhelmed to see when after some practice you first succeed to keep small objects floating on water by thought.
Since 65 % of our body and 95 % of our brain is water, healing by thought is generally available for everyone. Jesus Christ might have been a healer simply by his human nature, but his extraordinary healing power was endowed by God.
Our experiences are nothing else but small scale performances of Jesus Christ's walking on water. It's still a far cry from the miracle Jesus worked, but the idea is about the same. Some more research into the physics of thought, and we are very likely to produce a device that will enhance the kinetic effects of thought concerning water.
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